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Traffic Lights s.r.o. is an IT company providing value added hosting services (such as VPN, security, high availability or Antispam solutions), core Internet services (such as domain registration, web hosting, 24x7 monitoring) and customer specific application development and support.


The company always considers opening new business lines, expansion to new territories or markets or value added partnerships:

- most popular national portal of online desk games http://www.ik.cz/ joined Traffic Lights in 2005,

- SpamAssasin & GreyListing antispam solution introduced in 2005.


With more than 5 years history of continued steady growth, a list of satisfied clients and solid partnership with complementary IT companies and professionals the company is well established in the market with a positive outlook to the future.


For any inquiries regarding the value-added or core hosting services, application development, opening new business lines or of any other area, please contact us at info@trafficlights.cz. We will be happy to respond to your enquiry.


Value added services

- E-mail server

- Antispam e-mail solution

- Provision of VPN

- Network security

- Installation, Hosting and Support of Open source solutions (CRM, Collaboration, etc.)


Internet domain registration and management

We provide domain registration and domain management services for the Czech domains, domains of other countries or international domains.

If you would like to register the domain, please contact us via e-mail domains@trafficlights.cz with your contact details and the name of your requested domain. We will check to see if your domain is available and then contact you and register your domain per your requirements.

By paying the registration fee the domain is automatically registered for the first 1 year.

After the first year you will need to pay an annual renewal fee to ensure the continued availability of your domain.

Price list for registration and renewal of the domain names

Registration of .cz domain                    9 Eur

Renewal of .cz domain                         11 Eur

Registration of international domain        10 Eur

Renewal of international domain             10 Eur

(all prices are exclusive of VAT of 21%)


Hosting of web sites

Our comprehensive services cover all that is required to successfuly place, manage and maintain a modern web site. Starting with the registration of the domain and its management including the DNS, provision of the disk space and configuration of the required systems (mail server, web server, application server or scripts, database) for on-demand highly customized solutions.

Special attention and procedures are in place to ensure that data is secure, appropriate firewalls are in place and that our customers are assured that their data is protected.

Price list for hosting of web sites (monthly fees)

LX Start            12 Eur

LX Basic            19 Eur

LX Advanced      38 Eur

(all prices are exclusive of VAT of 21%)


Server housing

For the most challenging needs we offer hosting of the servers including HW/OS design for optimal performance of the hosting applications and provision of renting of the servers, these can be rack mounted or standalone.

We also offer installation and configuration of special servers, for example MAIL server, WEB  server, DATABASE server, FILE server, BACKUP server, FIREWALL and other ones, e.g. high availabilty sytems or server clusters. For more information or a quotation, please contact us at sales@trafficlights.cz.